Regional Library Bill

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The Regional Library Bill is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

"REGIONAL LIBRARY BILL This bill aims to organise the vast amounts of data that have accumulated since the Christmas Revolution, and set out a place for the future data to be organised.

Definitions of terms used in this bill -

Factual information - All information that refers to actual statistics and events, such as maps, laws, history of the Christmas Revolution, Archived Newspapers, Archived conversations outside the Role Play section and all other information from the Ministries that is no longer in use apart from reading. This does not include the information in the Intelligence Archive or the information in the Political Party Section.

Roleplay Information - All information in the Roleplaying section that has become old and no longer in use apart from reading. All extra information that requires a higher level of role-playing such as National Literature, Physics and Magic, Songs, Biographies and National History.

Clause 1: The current Library, in the nations Capital of Bahia Esmeralda, is to be moved from that position and onto the main Liberalian Central Board as and independent forum.

Clause 2: All factual information is to be moved to the Library and organised into the following sub-forums:

Laws Maps History Ministerial Documents News

Clause 3: All roleplay information is to be moved to the Library and organised into the following sub-forums:

National History and Folktales Biographies Sciences

Clause 4: The Library is to be run by the Chief Librarian, who can appoint assistant Librarians to help him/her with his/her tasks. The Chief Librarian will be appointed by the Prime Minister and will be moderator for the Library. The Chief Librarian will have no other extra rights.

Clause 5: The Chief Librarian will be responsible for the organisation of the Library, informing the Prime Minister of new information that needs to be added, and helping people with the Library.

By passing this bill, citizens of Liberalia show that they support this bill and the Prime Minister will carry out the orders given in the Clauses."

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